About Our Team of Pharmacist Consultants

Our Network

We are a network of pharmacists committed to providing unique personalized service experiences through partnerships with healthcare teams and patients. Personalized medicine is the tailoring of medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient. Our personalized care is the first step to getting better results. Our pharmacist consultant recognizes that not all treatments will work the same for people, and we work hard to find the best steps for each individual patient.

We offer medication management therapy, drug information, preventative services, chronic care management, and remote patient monitoring. We also offer resources for senior care. The elderly need specialized care that has their best interests in mind. For more information on our innovative and successful healthcare services, please give OneCare Solutions, LLC a call today.

Concierge Pharmacist Services

Giving quality patient care can absolutely have an effect on health outcomes. It contributes to a more positive patient recovery experience and can improve the physical and mental quality of life for people with serious illnesses. The personalization of care also helps patients overcome the natural fears and anxieties that come about as a result of interacting with providers in a healthcare environment.

Care Solutions bringing value through relationships


Clinical Pharmacists manage and monitor patients with multiple comorbidities and not meeting therapeutic goals, giving the Physician more time to focus on direct patient care.


Our Pharmacists provide solutions to medication situations. We will serve patients wherever they are, be it virtual or in person, at home, in Long Term Care or Nursing Home settings as appropriate. Patient education is a primary focus.


Through patient-authorized communication with their chosen medication supplier, our clinical pharmacists validate and maintain patients’ medication profiles. The accuracy of this information allows for precision as it relates to therapy decisions.


OurCare Solutions was established to meet the growing need for non-dispensing Pharmacist clinical services. Pharmacists are trained and aptly positioned to bridge gaps in the health care system by maximizing and solidifying our relationships in community, institutional and primary care environments.

Meet Our Team Leader

Dr. Valerie Price, PharmD

Consultant Pharmacist